I have decided to add My media designed for Home Theatre PC's (HTPC) or Mediacenter PC's.
As I dig through my archives of files over the next couple of Months I will share My backdrops, icons and skins.

My Mediacenter PC:
Named: Frankenstyne (that's how we spell it ;) ) for it's use of parts from dead pc's and it's bodgy looking beginnings
OS: XP SP2 is currently running Mediaportal.

CPU: Intel Pentium D 3.0
Mainboard: Gigabyte
RAM: 2x512MB DDR400
HDD: 3x Samsung 500GB
1x Samsung 250GB
DVD: Samsung
Video: Nvidia 6200 512mb
TV-Card 1: Compro Videomate T750
TV-Card 2: Twinhan Mantis DVB-S
Case: Silverstone
Remote: MCE Remote

720p (1366 x 768)




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