Previous Club:
Debut: 1984
D.O.B: 9/08/1965
Height: 188 cm.
Weight: 89 kg.
CFC Games: 147
Career Games: 147
Career Goals: 78
Career Span: '84- '91

Collingwood Football Club - Hall of Fame
Collingwood Team
of the Century
Collingwood 1990 Premiership
Copeland Trophy 1987
Represented Victoria 1986, 1988, 1989
Most Courageous Player 1990
Best First year Player 1984
Most Improved 1986
1984 - 1991
Recruited from: Dandenong
Games: 147
Goals: 79

As you can see I'm in the process of rebuilding this page, in the mean time here's the old intro and images. I have also moved the stats off onto a comprehensive stats page listing Pant's career stats round by round, year by year, you can find the stats page Here.

Darren "Pants" Millane was the first Footballer and the First Sports Person I ever idolized, and has been the yardstick I have judged all footballers since.
There can be no doubt that if Pants had not died the Collingwood Football club would have enjoyed more success during the 90's.
The word Champion is a much used word in the world of football,
but in Darren Millane there was a true Champion of the game.
His fearless courage, his bullish attack of the ball and body, His silky
skills and his pride in the Collingwood jumper put him in a class of his own.
A true Collingwood Champion and sadly missed by His legions of fans.




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