Well it seems I can't live without a menu, just too untidy with out one :) so there it is in all it's glory, go forth and navigate.
In the process of rebuilding the site I found a old Gallery I had on the site briefly years ago and in a effort to fulfill my previous promise of some eye candy I have linked it all back up, it's not fresh eye candy, some of it's old and crusty but it's something to look at I spose.....
You may have noticed I have moved the Wallpapers and Archives off onto their own pages to make it easier for navigation through the files.
Hope you find something you like ;)


New Direction,
Well of a sorts, for many years I have provided wallpapers, web-artwork, avatars and not to mention all the Collingwood related websites I have put together, some got of the ground but many didn't, I have built up quite a archive of artwork spanning over ten years and dozens of disks, I am about to take on the task of re-organizing My archive and have decided I will release the bulk of My files, many of which have never been seen publicly before.
I have also decided to open a
Home Theatre PC (HTPC) or Mediacenter PC section to the website, why? well that's what I'm into now and as I Magpie-up my HTPC I am going to share My artwork, experiances and the pitfalls along the way, the new section can be found here.
keep a eye on it.


Welcome Back,
After pulling the pin on several other projects I have have found a little bit of time to try and crank up this old beast of a website and see if I can recapture a bit of the old mojo.
I plan to be making quite a few changes to the site over the coming months both to the content and direction of this site, The site will be rebuilt online and will change from time to time, for the time being there will be no traditional style menu, but I will be linking the main features on this page so you Magpies can get to the different bits if needed, you can expect to see a bit of old and new mixed together for awhile as I update and rebuild the site, so forgive me if the site isn't 100% spot on for awhile ;) ok, please :b

I am in the process of looking for quility material to create new Wallpapers with, so keep an eye out for updates on what I believe is the largest collection of Collingwood wallpapers on the net with over 80 and counting, also keep a look out for the addition of my avatar collection, as seen on Nick's Bulletin Board.
I have decided I will archive the Project Magpie section of the site as I no longer need it, all the artwork, webpage templates and animated gifs will be stored in the archive and still availible for use on not profit websites.
I hope to expand the Tribute section with both new and some of my work form Nick's Collingwood Page, so again keep an eye out for updates.
I'm also considering adding a gallery of some of My non Magpie artwork, just for a bit of eye candy :) see how we go.
I can't express My thanks enough to Magpies.net, not only have they the ticker to host this site, they also had the patience to let it sit here taking up space and gather dust :) check out the Magpies.net site for many great Magpie sites.

So welcome back, and welcome newbs ;) hope you enjoy your visit, bung the site in your bookmarks and give it a hit every now and then and we'll see how far I get this time around ;)



Oh and PS. Over the years I have noticed many of my wallpapers used on other websites many times without any credit to this website or our host Magpies.net, this will be no longer tolerated, you cannot use My wallpaers other than for personal electronics use, in other words only on your Computer, I have over 80 personally made wallpapers, which took a great deal of time to compile, if people can't credit the artist of where they got them from then they can no longer use them the way they do.


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